Batman: New Gotham

Batman: New Gotham

Batman: New Gotham


Alternate name:
Batman: New Gotham 2017


Greg Rucka

Superhero, DC Comics,


After spending a year cut off from the rest of the nation as the lawless “No Man''s Land,” Gotham is rebuilding. The people have returned and law has been restored-as much as it ever can be in Gotham. Crime and gang activity are still rampant, and tensions are growing between factions of Gothamites who remained in the city throughout the military cordon and those who evacuated but are now returning to their homes. With so much at stake, Batman and the police department have their hands full maintaining the newly restored peace. But that fragile status quo is threatened when Ra''s al Ghul and his shape-shifting accomplice, Whisper A''Daire, spur the city''s gangs into a turf war over a mysterious serum that offers eternal life to whoever drinks it… Comics legend Greg Rucka (WONDER WOMAN, BATWOMAN) with artists Shawn Martinbrough (THIEF OF THIEVES) and Steve Mitchell (THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) bring Batman and his city back from the brink of destruction in this first volume of the sequel to the best-selling epic BATMAN: NO MAN''S LAND. Collects DETECTIVE COMICS #742-753.