Before the FF: Reed Richards

Before the FF: Reed Richards

Before the FF: Reed Richards


Alternate name:
Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards


Peter David

Superhero, Marvel,


What was Reed Richards'' life like before he gained his fabulous stretching abilities? It was still fantastic! Follow intrepid young scientist Reed Richards on a globe-spanning journey on a quest to find the mysterious Claw of Bast, an ancient artifact of amazing power! There''s only one catch, he''s not the only one looking for it. You see, the Claw has the power to heal, which makes it greatly desired by a recently scarred Victor Von Doom! The top team of writer Peter David (CAPTAIN AMERICA) and penciler Duncan Fegredo (Jay and Silent Bob) take us around the world in a swashbuckling adventure that reveals heretofore unrevealed details in the life of one of the Marvel Universe''s most popular characters!