Harley Quinn (2000)

Harley Quinn (2000)

Harley Quinn (2000)


Alternate name:
Harley Quinn (2000) 2004


Karl Kesel

Superhero, DC Comics,


HARLEY QUINN is not the story of an honorable woman and her quest for justice. Instead, it''s a love story gone horribly, horribly, horribly wrong, especially in the first extra-length issue, as the Joker''s girlfriend must do without Mister J''s calming influence. And considering just how many sandwiches short of a picnic Harley is, you know this book''s going to be wild! Harley is driven to astounding lengths to free her loony lover. And that''s just in the first seven pages. What follows is too strange for words, though it does involve one itsy-bitsy cameo by Batman. Just one! Once you see life through the eyes of Harley Quinn, you''ll find she makes a lot more sense. Would you believe a little more sense?